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The artist's word

I always drew, always paints, illustrated my notebooks, penciled on vacation, in the subway, made of the small comic strips to transcribe my loves...it is a need...
I used ink a lot of dyes and the bic in my youth.

My paintings are to oil for expressions more intimiste, or the most often to the acrylic, faster.
Owing marvelous landscapes, I am going to prefer the watercolors, that lends to the meditation, to paint light, then or the houses of country, what I make gladly on order or to make a gift.
I use advantage the pastel or the pencil for my research of decors and costumes...but also to the country...
My drawings and paintings are sometimes bound to my work of sculpture. Most of the time, however, I use these techniques that allow me a different expression, another facet to assume my creativeness...

In 1975, I illustrated to ink of dyes, a tale from Lozère : "Tistou le petit Berger"