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JUST HAVE A LOOK, and taste it

Mains fascinantes, bras gracieux,
Vous fendez l'air,
Vous structurez l'espace........

(extrait de mon poème "l'Absence")

Fascinating hands, gracious arms
You cleave the air
You structure the infinity.......


My Master VOLTI, told me that:

"Sculpture is an "objet" on whitch light is flashing"

It tooks me a long time to understand what does it means.

I like playing with colors and rhythms,stemed from juxtaposition of lines and planes. I like to play with their movement, like a danse in the infinity.
My sculptures, they often posess several bases. That means, you can play with them, touch and caress them and change their positions . My sculptures are companions, a fair and intimate presence.

My sculptor, they are all over the World: I sold them in Miami, New-York, L.A., Mexico, England, Swisserland, France...

Within my experience in the theater, I observed projector's lights flashing on the comedians , making them multicolored, that changes my way of doing patina as a polychromy .

All my sculptors, they are made of bronze, they are numbered from 1 to 8/8, each one is sold with the mention "one and original" .